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Perth Car Club members aren’t just enthusiasts of cars, they are enthusiasts of the lifestyle that surrounds the car. They are enthusiasts of the history, relevance in Australian culture, the build and their vehicles place in wider society.

Collectively the Perth Car Club has a diverse interest in vehicles which extends from Holden, Ford, Chevrolet, Fiat, Volkswagen, BMW, and many other marques. Like all clubs and social associations, we encourage engagement in the local community which will include club events, displaying of your vehicle at some shows and a general enthusiasm for motoring across the broad range of marques.

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Concessions for Classics

Details on Concessions for Classics can be found at the Department of 

Transport Website. Here are some details—

  • Eligible vehicles must be owned by an individual who is a financial member of a DoT approved motoring club. 
  • The C4C scheme is only available to vehicles manufactured before 1990. Vehicles manufactured in 1990 or after will not be eligible for the scheme, excluding street rods. 
  • Participants are allowed 90 days of vehicle use per calendar year commencing on 1 January and expiring on 31 December. (60 days for Club events and 30 days for private use)
  • Vehicles licensed under an ABN are ineligible for the C4C
  • Further details can be found here 
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The Perth Car Club was established by six mutual friends. The inaugural committee members (left to right), Marco Pillera, Tony Donatelli, Rob Pinna, John Romeo, Nick Dicembre and Phil Carulli set out to establish a diverse member base in the automotive scene in Perth Western Australia.

About Us

While initially establishing a member base by nomination, the club was open to any vehicle of motoring interest or enthusiasts following. Those vehicles manufactured prior to 1990 will also have the ability to apply for Concessions for Classics (C4C). The Perth Car Club is a Western Australian Department of Transport approved car club. ABN 73 244 373 281 IARN: A1040322W

Currently Membership Nominations are closed due to the current club capacity. 

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